RV & Car Pass

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Q)I want to camp in my car. Do I need an RV or a Car Camping Pass?

A)If your vehicle is a Class B vehicle, a conversion van, or a truck with a camper that fits in the bed,you may purchase a car camping pass. Your vehicle must be less than 20’ to qualify for car camping.

Q)Is parking included in my Experience Pass?
A)Parking is $20, or free when you come with 3 people, 2 in a two seater truck, or a motorcycle.

Q)If we’re bringing a car with a trailer, do we need to purchase an RV Pass?

Q)Is there water, power, or waste hookups for my RV?
A)No there are no hookups available.

Q)Can I purchase prime RV camping to get the best spot?
A) RV camping is on first come first serve basis.

Q)Can I bring my car to unload my gear to walk in camping?
A)We recommend bringing a handheld trailer or wagon, and there will also be pedicabs available for a charge, as you cannot bring your car into walk in camping at any point.

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