Shayn Almeida – Vinyasa Power Flow : ReConnect, RootDown, & Flow

A strong, breath-based, alignment-oriented class that consciously uses sound & music to enhance our connection to Mind / Body / Spirit.
Strengthening our body, toning the Mind & harnessing the power of Spirit, we’ll release tension, ease stress, & ReAwaken our Connection to Source.

Music is programmed specifically for the journey: a begining-middle-end through our mind/body/senses, leading us from the unreal to the real, out of our ego & into our Hearts, to reconnect with your Highest-Self; to reclaim your Spirit.

You’ll breathe, sweat, smile, and feel more grounded, open & connected to your Source.
Vinyasa Power cleanses all aspects of our mind, body, and life so that we can see what’s real, and focus on what really matters: Radical SELF-LOVE.

“This is a Journey into Sound, but, It’s also a Journey into Self. Once you tap into your Flow: your voice, your gifts, your own unique power of self-expression, there’s no question – Spirit guides You.”

Come ReConnect, RootDown, & tap into your Flow! Shayn Almeida is a DJ, Yoga Instructor, & Sound Engineer, known for his strong, up-beat, and musically enhanced Vinyasa Flow style. As a Yogaworks Certified Instructor based Los Angeles, Shayn also teaches Plant-Based Nutrition & Sound Healing Workshops at Yoga Retreats & Music Festivals worldwide: Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, Symbiosis, & at Yoga Journal Conferences. Facebook TwitterInstagram