Shareshten Senior – Vibrational Embodiment


This is a Yin+Yang Fusion class routed in the ancient teachings of the Vedas. She incorporates Tibetan Bowl healing, which she was taught by a Nepali healer in Boulder, CO. In the yin portions, bowls are placed on students bodies to help clear mind chatter and deepen body awareness with the ancient vibration of 7 different metals alchemized into the healing Tibetan bowls. Shareshten presents philosophy throughout the class to guide students into their own inner truth and wisdom. We move with ground and ease through a Chakra opening and rooting sequence. We end with Yin again, bringing the focus inward to stillness. A 10 minute Savasana seals the illusively difficult and relieving class into your bones, heart, and memory to take with you into the world.

Shareshten has been teaching Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin Yoga since 2009, reaching thousands of people through weekly classes and instructing as a featured guest at festivals across the nation and overseas. She has taught thousands on their path to becoming certified yoga teachers through facilitating 200hr Core Power teacher trainings for 5 years. She developed two of her own continued education programs for yoga teachers: LightenUp Juice Cleanse and Yummy Yin Intensive.

Shareshten creates a serene atmosphere and weaves together philosophy, breath and alignment based postures to cultivate a sense of oneness within body and mind. Her love for yoga has led her to study with Sarah Powers, Scott Feinberg, The Dalai Lama, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, among others. Facebook   osCitas Twitter