Marisa Weppner & Celeste Bolin – Move Awake : Move Together w/DJ Drez


This playful, energetic class begins with guided, rhythmic movements to warm the body before exploring partner yoga poses in an atmosphere of mutual support and light-hearted joy. Bring a friend or partner, or come solo and make a new friend! Guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face, a bounce in your step, and a sparkle in your heart.

Marisa is well known for her authentic self-expression, humorous yet grounded, as she empowers students to reach for, and live, their highest potential. She is the owner of Sage Yoga & Wellness, the top-rated studio in Boise, Idaho. Marisa uses her graduate degree in transpersonal psychology and life coaching to bring a real-world mix of eastern and western spirituality and psychology to her teachings for self-empowerment and transformation on all levels. In addition to a full-on yoga life, she is the mother of two fabulous kiddos, and is DJ Chakra Khan.

Celeste Bolin, PhD, RYT leads classes that are all about gratitude, being thankful for the body you have, the spirit you were born with, and being present in the moment – right here- right now, to just DANCE. Affectionately referred to as The Dance Commander, she is dedicated to guiding her students through a heart-first transformation of obligations and suffering to empowered, fist-pumping, booty-shaking affirmation of the freest version of self. There is no one way to dance, and Celeste infuses her classes with a constant reinforcement that embracing your unique movement style is the absolute best way to find yourself and fall in love on the dance floor.  Marisa Facebook Celeste Facebook Marisa Instagram Celeste Instagram