Gypsy Bast – SEX, DRUGS and YOGA : All in the Pursuit of Divine Oneness!

How much do you love one or more of these practices that bring you closer to your own true Spirit and Divine nature? They transcend the 3D realms and cultivate higher states of consciousness. By setting good intentions, these practices directly connect us to Source, and the magical, subtle layers of our own creation.

With Sex, Drugs and Yoga, the more you commit to it, trust it, and learn to let go, it transcends you. The little parts of you that get in your way, your defenses, your ego and chatter mind, can all be dissolved through life-shifting sex, conscious and responsible drug use, or a powerful yoga session…

Discover yourself as LOVE, and Divine Bliss in this two hour workshop on Philosophy and Practice of Divining Curiosity and Consciousness

Note* This is a movement and also a presentation with speaking Q&A.

Gypsy Bast is a radical Yoga teacher, Pilates Master, Channels Yoga Nidra and Meditation, and teaches Dance in all classical and sexy forms. She’s and Energy Shape-Shifter! Gypsy geeks out on body alignment and postural awareness and created her own modalities:

Divine Body Yoga and the Integrity Method TM.

She’s had opportunities to coach Cirque de Soleil shows, disappear in magician’s illusions on stage, teach 70 year olds how to tap dance, create children’s theater, and help many people overcome their pain, trauma, and fears with her teachings. All by shining light from her heart… and living each day with love, truth and gratitude.

Gypsy is travels frequently and is collecting experiences along with life’s lessons. Sexuality, Music and Poetry are her passions. She is a free spirit and a lover with life! Facebook Instagram