Claire Thompson & David Starfire – Yoga of Bass Ecstatic Bass Set

Yoga of Bass explores the intersection of music, movement, and spirituality through talks, workshops and Ecstatic Bass DJ/Yoga sessions. For SG16 Yoga teacher Claire Thompson collaborates with longtime Global Bass Producer and DJ David Starfire to create a journey of body, breath and mind.

Since 2010, Yoga of Bass has traveled across the United States and Canada, with trips to England, Australia and Thailand, appearing at yoga studios, art spaces, dance clubs, and music festivals including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Glade Festival UK, Wonderfruit Thailand, Eclipse 2012 and Rainbow Serpent Australia.

The project’s philosophical basis is the core texts of ¬†Yoga and Buddhism based on 10 years of study with teachers Lama Marut and Upasaka Culadasa. ¬†Claire also trained in yoga asana at Exhale in Los Angeles, as well as practicing massage therapy for 15 years. Facebook Twitter Instagram