Stephanie Bridwell – Condition your personal biofield for living an energy rich, magnetizing and magical life.

Learn how change happens first with an intention wave into the field. This primes the organizing intelligence of the universe to respond.
In our time together you will learn how to interact with the human biofield for massive manifestation!  Together we will create a field between us where  I will lead us into an experiential practice for  revealing bound energy so you can create the life and health of your dreams.

We will explore powerful ways you can condition the biofield every day to craft your life from a place of leadership- ‘leading your ship’.
I will share with you how I learned to work with the field to engineer a new fetal position for my developing baby girl.  One that isn’t rooted in flight or flight as a base-line but one that is fielded by love and joy, and how you can do this too.
This will be a lively interactive discussion with plenty of hands-on engagement exercises, plus a demo that will stretch your mind open to what ‘s really possible for humanity.

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS, DC is a wellness lifestyle and personal growth expert. For over two decades Dr. Bridwell has amassed experience and education that puts her on the cutting edge of health, transformation, and consciousness. Dr. Bridwell is the founder of Magnolia Wellness Center – a thriving nexxus for holistic health located in the heart of both San Francisco and Marin County. Facebook Twitter Instagram