Justin James Pineiro – MC

Iamyouarewearegod- Through incarnation let us expand consciousness with life experiences and the exploration of ourself as the universe. The greatest healing is realizing there is nothing to heal, along with the importance of everything we are. All of existence would be completely different without any one of us.

Writing, poetry, medicine, magic, love, art, expression, community, wholeness, gratitude, laughter, flow, movement, health, dreaming and creation are all things that move and inspire my life experience. Organizing movements such as the March Against Monsanto in Miami along with GMO-free Florida, Lightning in a Bottle and Summit Series events, have shifted my perspective of what we can achieve together, by highlighting the importance of self care and community effort. Realizing we are walking miracles while working with ancient plant medicines redefined what it means to have purpose and be the change one wishes to see in the world. Our existence alone changes EVERYTHING and with that comprehension we learn to remember. Our happiness and truth are the keys to transformation and with faith in all that is, my wish is to serve as a reminder.