Matthew D. Segall – Ecodelic Philosophy and the Future of the Planet

When ingested in carefully crafted ceremonial containers, entheogens reveal the deeper connections and interpenetration of all things, the way the very idea of property or ownership does violence to the creative and sacred dimension of the universe. They can allow us to remember, to reawaken to, the mysterious gift latent in each passing moment, a secret hidden in plain sight: that everything breathes together (as Plotinus said). Normally, ritualization is an gradual unconscious process that takes many generations to take shape. Unfortunately, we don’t have many generations. If our civilization cannot transform itself from the roots up within the space of a few years, the odds of our survival into the 22nd century are slim.

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Matthew David Segall teaches in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Conciousness Graduate Program at His thinking arises in response to the call of the earth community in this time of epochal transformation. Instagram Instagram Facebook