Meghan Walla-Murphy – Learning to See Beautifully: the Art of Wildlife Tracking

Every one of us is descended from a lineage of trackers, ancestors who tracked animals, weather, plants, or stone. Tracking is a paradigm through which one can see the world, whether you are tracking a cougar through the high desert, tracking family relationships in your home, or tracking patterns of disturbance across across a landscape.

In this presentation/discussion we will explore the fundamentals of tracking and pattern literacy. Through story and sensory awareness we will discover how tracking applies to ecological and human systems across our planet and how we can apply this ancient skill to modern environmental and social challenges. Please join us as we learn to track not only our external landscapes but also our internal topography to create change.

For over 20 yrs Meghan Walla-Murphy has delved into wildlife ecology and tracking in the US, Brasil, and Southern Africa which allows her to approach old environmental challenges with new solutions.