Josiah M. T. Clark & Bryan Bramlett – A Bird’s Eye View of Ecology

This presentation will highlight and recap some of the essentials of ecology that will enrich your understanding of the natural world around you. Using the birds overhead and the plants beneath our feet as guides, we will come to understand our local environment through through the stories they tell us. Whether you are looking to deepen your connection with nature, become a better advocate and steward or even to build on your permaculture knowledge, this class has something for everyone.

Josiah Clark grew up steeped in the natural history of the Bay Area, where birds and wildlife have informed his ecology practice for more than 20 years. His connection to all things wild have been a guiding force. Josiah is a leading expert on local ecological processes, biodiversity and the urban-wildlife interface. As a Consulting Ecologist Josiah works for public agencies, non-profit organizations, landscape architects and schools.
Much of his work involves restoring and enhancing habitat for declining native species, wildlife monitoring and educating the public. He owns and manages Nature’s Acres Nursery, which focuses on growing native plants to create new habitat.
Defining experiences include: 20 weeks of white shark research on Southeast Farallon Island, studying with tribes in Latin America and working as a Habitat Restoration Coordinator with inner city youth over the course of 15 years.

Bryan’s approach fuses permaculture with ecology and indigenous land tending practices. Growing up in rural Alabama, Bryan was immersed in nature since childhood. After migrating to Berkeley in 2009 to pursue a masters in somatic counseling psychology, he began weaving his rediscovered love for gardening with counseling.  He now has an ecotherapy practice alongside his smartscaping business ( He has worked at farms across the country, most recently spending six months in a permaculture food forest in the Santa Cruz mountains where he learned the value of deep mulch and good community. He now tends a plot of land in Richmond, CA where he is experimenting with regenerative farming techniques. Growing food and habitat with greater ease and less water is a mission he intends to educate the world about.