Geisty Majique – Sacred Habitats

For over a million years humans have been huddled around the fire sharing food and being on the move. Flowing with the herds and fruits in which we sustained ourselves. And in the last 12,000 years we’ve expanded our craftsmanship into the arena of shelter making. A lot has changed since the first days of Babylon but our affection for building villages still endures. Unfortunately most of us today have been severed from this intrinsic drive, this natural urge to create our own shelter and villages. In this talk we will explore how to find those skills again that lie within our psychic heritage. Together we can create the most dynamic habitats imaginable, layered with food webs and surrounded by vast biodiversity.

Geisty has been focused on learning the full history of human evolution and architectural evolution for over a decade. He has studied nearly every subject related to ecology, from permaculture and aquaponics to architecture and biomimicry. His primary focus is to create a virtual envisioning tool, called Permacity, that will allow users to reimagine how we share and live upon our floating garden planet. Permacity will be a tool that allows users to create and share different eco-models, for how cities and villages can exist in harmony with the carrying capacity of the earth. Guided by the principles of permaculture and arcology he envisions a planet that is repopulated with vast herd and flocks, as it was in the pleistocene.


Ted Talk