Manu Butterworth – Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the reasons we all love Symbiosis is the attention to the mood, beauty and charm of the experience. It’s hard to avoid feeling great when the space around us is wonderful! Here at symbiosis a lot of effort goes into making the environment conducive to magic.

But what happens when you get home? Do you still feel as motivated and full of life as you did out here? Do you have deep restful sleep through the night? Do you feel like you thrive and are able to stay in the flow?

Here’s the deal: your environment influences you immensely! If the qi (energy) is blocked or leaking in your home or work space, that has a direct effect on you. One of the most potent ways to help yourself is by applying the principles of TCFS (Traditional Chinese Feng Shui) to your home. Imagine living somewhere that supported you to feel relaxed and energized, motivated to cook healthy food, and inspired to entertain guests. Not to mention a bedroom that encouraged delicious sensual activity as well as a great night’s sleep! In Chinese Medicine creating a beautiful, harmonious home is a practice. With the right attention and care your living space can become your personal sanctuary and haven.

In this class you’ll learn key principles of TCFS, including the movement and containment of qi, the relationship between heaven, earth and humanity, and the nature of change. You’ll come away with practical applications to take back to your community, home, and place of work. you’ll bring the attention that goes into symbiosis into your every day life. Imagine what that could make possible!