Kristen Rivers – Consent and Boundaries: Skills and Tools for Everyone

In this gender inclusive setting we will endeavor to speak plainly and directly about the topic of Consent. What is it? Where does it begin? If we begin with the basic assumption that it begins within, how do we express it from there? What are the boundaries? How do you set and communicate them?Can they change? What are the challenges?

In a safe and respectful container let us come together and lean into this crucial conversation.
We will bring a set of questions to ask YOU as well as take your questions.This is a charged conversation and extremely relevant to our every day lives.Come away with some new skills and tools for effectively setting and communicating boundaries.
Please join us.

Kristen Rivers is a wild woman deep ecologist, mother, lifelong educator and Founder of She digs emotional intelligence, thinks vulnerable is sexy and embraces awkwardness. Facebook Facebook Twitter