Cameron Bowman – Fest Law 101

Fest Law 101 will have the following offerings

1) “The Day you became an expert on the RAVE Act” – The Festival Lawyer will teach you to become a national expert on this misunderstood law.
2) “The Festival High Five of Justice” – The Festival Lawyer will teach you five tips on how to best enforce your rights when dealing with law enforcement at a music festival.
3) “Do you even 4th Amendment,Bro?” – Attendees will take part in a game show testing their knowledge of Constitutional Rights and festival law.
4) “Ask The Festival Lawyer” – A “Q and Yay” segment with the Festival Lawyer.

Cameron Bowman, aka “The Festival Lawyer” is a criminal defense attorney with VIB Law in San Jose, California. Bowman is not only a former prosecutor but a former DJ and drummer and avid festival goer. He writes a weekly advice column ( “Ask the Festival Lawyer”) about festival goers’ legal rights for the Fest 300 website. He also gives “Fest Law 101” workshops at various festivals where he gives practical and legal advice about how to handle yourself in any encounter with the police in a festival setting. Facebook