Alexander Polinsky – Avatarism: Manifest your superhero character in the real world

Alex will take you through some basic Avatarism history, and guide you through transformational games using excerpts from his upcoming book Altar Yourself. Everyone will get a work/play book that will help you begin to dream the awakening of your higher self and learn to embody and uplevel your authentic self with new powers and character traits. The work has been known to change the course of peoples lives, give them new paths to take in career and love and increased their awareness of what they are capable of in the world. Alex will be available after the workshop to answer questions.

Alexander Polinsky is an american actor who is best known for his work in TV and as a voice for animated series and movies. Alexander is The Reverend of Full Circle Venice and the founder of Avatarism: The open Source Game/Philosophy of conscious character creation. A spiritual entertainer and an accomplished musician, Alexander’s workshops blend philosophy, transformational technologies, humor, music and creativity.

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