Adorable – Moon Power: Using the full and new moon cycles for harvesting love, abundance, and health.

The moon circle gatherings are transformation events dedicated to fostering a safe divine feminine space for healing, communing with higher self, and releasing limiting beliefs. Come join us in doing what our ancestors did- breathing, grounding, releasing,offering songs and blessings. It is time once more to come together for a ceremonial workshop, celebrating self love, all while receiving the gift of goddess moon energy.

Adorable ( Jasmine Vassar), California native, is an upcoming healing artist, who walks the path of Earth Angel. Among many titles, master of ceremony, Reiki practioner, yoga instructor, dancer, and intuitive light energy worker- all driven by her mission for spiritual activism and deep social transformation. Attracted to the path of healer at an early age, she completed her yoga teacher training at Niroga Institute in Berkley, in 2012. She spend years offering yoga and meditation practices to low-income communities of color and incarcerated youth, while simultaneously and hosting women’s moon ceremonies.

Descendant of a Vaudou high priestess, Adorable holds great reverence for the work of her ancestors in liberating and transmuting the suffering of slaves. As an earth angel she believes in using the magic of healing as a social justice tool to raise the vibrations for beings everywhere. When she’s not sitting with her ancestors in the mountains of Peru, she happily lives in the SF Bay.