Tasha Bird – Hunting as sacred practice – Journey of a huntress

A journey of transformation rooted in food, nature, integrity, and intuition. We will explore conscious food choices through ancient practice. Topics include women in hunting, logistics, regulations, ethics, wildlife management, and stories of failure and success. We’ll also discuss native and invasive species, with a core focus on wild boar, deer, turkey, and small game. Information will be provide on getting started and learning to hunt. Additional activities include whole beast arts and craft, as well as a sampling of California wild game. This presentation will also address questions such as; how do various lifestyle diets relate and connect and how does harvesting nutrient dense food from nature create connection, reverence, and respect.

Tasha Bird has been a massage therapist for 25 years, and is also a large scale and multi-media artist, a priestess in the Reclaiming tradition of paganism, and an avid huntress.