Tara Murphy – Electric Fusion Bellydance

This is not your average bellydance workshop. In this Electric Fusion Bellydance Workshop, we will “fuse” the “electricity” of our femme fatale spirits into modern and traditional bellydance movements. Tara’s eclectic dance and teaching style will highlight the duality in all of us. Let me explain: In this workshop, we will be focusing on the balance between a structured practice of drills, technique and choreography, whilst inviting the concept of “letting go” and dancing from your intuition. This is an ideal workshop for beginners as well as professional dancers, congruent to the format of duality; beginners need a bit more fabrication and advanced dancers need a bit more surrender. We will dive deeper into this concept.

Class will start off with an opening circle to connect and move into a smooth vinyasa yoga practice for centering, grounding and warming. We will then get moving with some visceral dancing to booty-shakin’ beats, getting the creative juices flowing. The next phase of this energetic and spirited class is layered drills/techniques/combos focusing on texture, isolation and fluidity. After that, we “fuse” all of this “electricity” together, channeling and awakening the dichotomy into our aesthetic practice! Don’t expect most of the music to be traditional, either.

In this workshop, Tara encourages everyone to tap into their individual stylization, let your freak flag fly high! This is a unique practice rarely offered in more methodized dance courses, and the optimal goal is to step into and out of your comfort zone, with ease and grace. It’s really important to come with an open mind and heart. Oh yeah, water, journal and a yoga mat wouldn’t hurt either. 😉

Tara Murphy hails from Long Island, New York, complete with the sass and fire essential for any talented bellydancer and instructor. She loves hip hop, vegan cookies and sharing wisdom.