Scotty & Chun : All is Movement, All is Flow

LOFTOEIRA: All is Movement, All is Flow. This class aims to bridge the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira and House Dance. This class will help you discover the parallels between these two styles of movement and allow all rhythms in dance to flow.

Scott Y. Hsieh is a dancer, capoeirista, and visual and culinary artist, well-versed in a multitude of dance forms from house and popping to samba. Introduced to the dance community at the age of 15, Scotty’s wide breadth of movement knowledge has brought him teaching opportunities at Millennium Dance Complex Orange County, Your Neighborhood Studio Culver City, training dance groups and conducting classes and workshops throughout California. He is the creative director of Loftoeira and a performer in sensational groups Malandro N’ Motion and The Furies Circus.

Chun Wang, also known as Instrutor Arisco in the capoeira world has trained with Capoeira Batuque since the early 2000s and has participated in event all across California including events in Brazil, Japan, and the Philippines. Chun has been regularly teaching kids and adults classes in Orange County and Hollywood as well as invited to UC Irvine to teach workshops for student groups. Chun has trained in variety of styles of movement having trained in tricking, gymnastics, jazz, contemporary, afro-brasilian, house, and ballet. Chun has performed using his capoeira skills at large festivals such as Kaaboo and Rock in Rio and regularly performs at community and private events such as Choreographers Carnival, Disney California Adventure Park to name a few.  Scotty Facebook Chun Facebook Chun Twitter  Chun Instagram Loftoeira Instagram  Scotty Instagram