Permaculture Plaza

The Permaculture Hub at Symbiosis is the beehive of networking, discussion, skill-sharing, workshops, and talks on the regenerative ecological systems and community organizing methods that will bring us into a more just and sustainable world.  From exploring soils, water catchment, food growing, natural building and alternative energy to illuminating social design, building the commons, direct action, and decision making, the Permaculture Hub is the space to build a movement capable of taking on the great challenges of our time and discover a better way of living together.   

This year, the Permaculture Hub will feature renowned teachers, organizers, and designers, as well as a number of demonstration systems detailing ecologically regenerative ways of attaining our food, water, and shelter.  Alongside the Permaculture Hub, make a visit to the Placemakers Teahouse, have a cup of tea and talk with your fellows about what’s occupying your mind, or swing by the BioRegional Hub to connect directly with people from your geographical region who want to create new projects, take action, and get organized, whether by starting a community garden together or mobilizing your neighbors to completely change the local economy.  

What does a better world look like to you?  How will we grow our food, gather our water, build our shelter, and get from place to place?  How will we make decisions, come together in community, and resolve our disputes?  What will it take to shift the entire trajectory of the current dominant paradigm?  The Permaculture Hub is your place at Symbiosis to figure that out.  

Coordinated by Timo Granzotti and hosted and curated by the Permaculture Action Network, this is the space where we plan to take our dreams into reality through action.