Rose City Acro Devils

We are RAD – The Rose-city Acro Devils!

An acrobatic circus troupe formed in 2013 and based out of Portland Oregon, we specialize primarily in show-stopping group stunts and partner acrobatics. Within this framework, we strive to break the boundaries of traditional circus acrobatics, to include chair and table hand balancing, a human-supported trapeze/chinese pole (no rigging or equipment necessary, just our own 11 foot RAD Pole!), contortion, aerial arts (chains, silks, and aerial hoop) and singing acrobatics – there are no limits!

We love costumes, characters and doing much more than just being a stunt squad. We want to tell a story in every movement, be chameleons within the world of acrobatics, and be at the forefront of the new era of circus performance.

We believe this world is RAD!