Mystic Circus

The Mystic Circus is a show you really have to see to believe. Rush Hicks founded the show in 2012 in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. He started performing with The Coney Island Sideshow, which is where he first discovered his love of circus. After two seasons with them, he soon found himself creating his own little show. Originally just a two-man crew performing in dive bars, the Mystic Circus has evolved at a breakneck pace over these last three years. Along with dark and gritty humor, it now incorporates a dazzling array of circus arts, sideshow, burlesque, and performance art to suit any age range from family-friendly Coney Island 10 in 1, to an adult cabaret show. There certainly is something for every audience member to enjoy, whether they’re laughing at the countless jokes, awe-struck by the beautiful circus arts, or gasping when Rush performs some of his signature contortion acts.

​The Mystic Circus not only has their own touring stage show but also work festival circuits. As Rush began his training at Coney Island, festival shows are his forte. Mystic Circus performers have worked at various festivals and haunts across the country. These include Lagunitas Beer Festival in Petaluma CA and Chicago IL, Blood Manor in New York City NY, Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Scottsdale AZ, Mermaid Parade in Coney Island NY, and Theatre Bizarre in Detroit MI, just to name a few.