Festival The Show

Festival the Show LIVE is a satirical portrayal of festivals and festival-goers that comments on the current counter-culture to pop-culture trajectory of contemporary festivals.

Through various mediums including sketch comedy, physical theatre, guerrilla theatre, music, dance, and circus arts they bring light to the unique phenomena and characters that exists within this amazing subculture.

In the summer of 2014 FlopHaus Producers Adam Doyle and Ethan Zirin-Brown decided they would not let each other attend another summer festival until they made this show. With the help of fellow producer Lacy Todd they recruited two other writer/performers, Anneke Wisner and Phil Wood, to retreat into the woods and create a high caliber sketch comedy experience. All the co-creators have been impacted by and involved in festival culture since birth. From attending, volunteering, running food booths, producing, performing at, creating, and cleaning them up they have all accumulated a lifetime of research and respect regarding the topic.

They strongly believe that attendees are eager to laugh at the recurring situations, characters, and experiences that happen at festivals across the land. A few scenarios which we’ve included are: The guy who tries to contact improv dance with everyone, the couple that never leaves camp, the ironic beauty of Port-O-Potties, and the person who is offended by every option on the menu.

The ensemble cast of 10 performers and writers have years of combined professional experience in the fields of live musical instrumentation, music production, dance, circus arts, screen and play-writing, film production, acting, art, illusions and set construction. Combined, their skills weave a densely entertaining world of “festive” satire.

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