SG15 – 10 Year RE:Union

Symb10sis : 10 Year Re:Union

From our humble beginnings as a backwoods (occasionally renegade) community pot-luck of the arts, no one could have predicted what happened at Woodward Reservoir in 2015. One of the main goals of Symbiosis was always to push the bounds of what was possible, and while its one helluva cliche, we’ve taken that cliche very, very seriously.

Almost to prove that point, the maiden voyage of art boats shoved off. While there were many fantastic facets of family fun, the art boats really blew US away. The creation made by the old school Lush Camp entitled DRIFT was more than just a combination of parts. It was a vibe, it was a work of art, and it was a raucous amazing party. Symbolic of the trajectory of Symbiosis itself, the initial drawings looked something like a twig on a sponge. In real life, it became something that had never been seen before.

The workshops were similarly inspired. Saul Williams was such a powerful presence at SG13 that we just had to have him return. He followed an Amy Goodman presentation that was bookended on both ends with thunderous applause. Elemental Alchemy grew two new immersives and further pushed forward the combination of education, entertainment and community building that Symbiosis has come to be known for.

Oh by the way, did we mention we had music? Coco Rosie returned 6 years later after their captivating Camp Mather performance with Raiders hats and a powerful performance. The Max Cooper into Four-tet was widely hailed as a transcendent experience, Bob Moses continued their ascent to greatness and the mysterious Tipper sunrise was attended by many. edIT and Ooah returned for Crying over Porcelain for no Reason, Raja Ram took the decks and rained Shpongle on the masses and the trance floor continue to thump to the joy (and dismay) of thousands of revelers.

But in a survey of what people loved most about the event, the lead vote getter was the art. Michael Christians brought his gigantic baby, Joel Dean constructed the Re:Union Palace curated by Bad Unkl Sista and graced by SORNE, the Furtherrr crew created an impossible coliseum with and explosion of live painted creativity and our man Shrine continued to amaze while transforming garbage in to beauty.

Performances were off the charts, and there were so many different types of arts

And everyone around was completely amazed, by the peoples good spirits that consistently raised

And a couple mistakes, we made a few, but they could not stop the magick we do

We put the feather in our cap and look to the future to hope that one day we may surpass this amazing experience!