SG13 – Woodward Reservoir


Oddly enough, by the time SG13 had rolled around, it had been 4 years since our last California event. In January of 2013, we had found a new potential home in the Woodward Reservoir Regional Park. The park had never hosted an event of this magnitude and significant discussions were required from both sides to see if there was a fit. The announcement of SG13 came in April and preparations began for a California homecoming. Despite a late start, energy and interest came from all over to create something special once again.

In late June, Symbiosis announced @Elemental Alchemy, a five day permaculture intensive. Interest in the course was overwhelming as the plan for 30 students soon ballooned into 55. The workshop reinforced the multidisciplinary approach that the Symbiosis team has always strived for and in turn inspired the participants in a myriad of ways.

Art was once again a large part of the Symbiosis mission with Bryan Tedrick bringing the Coyote for people to admire and climb upon. Shrine created the Empire of Love, a recycled masterpiece that looked more like a sacred temple than discarded cans and wood. Carey Thompson brought his galactivating Starport while our friends Luis and Virgini flew over from Portugal to create amazing sets of ambient lighting that dazzled to the eyes while they lit the paths. Psychedelic Friendship Bingo excited and terrified all sorts of folks over the weekend.

The lineup was again an array of music from a multitude of genres including the Mount Kimbie, Hudson Mohawke, and RL Grime. The Vau de Vire Society performed and hosted an intricately prepared Edwardian Ball and the crowds were treated to a special two set of music by Bay Area legends STS9.

Sunday Funday was amazing again with an amazing transition between Caroline Casey ~ Coyote Network News and poet, vibrant human Saul Williams. A 3 hour window flew by as two masters of their craft spun words into metaphor and metaphor into transmission. Then came the stomp on the Cove by frequent instigator Shpongle (Simon Posford), to be followed up by the the US debuts of Chet Faker and iamamiwhoami and a nighttime hoedown led by the dubmaster Ott.!

As the dust settlled, it was apparent that SG13 was one for the books!