SG06 & SG07 – Avery Ranch


Having quickly outgrown the small Boy Scout camp, the search began for a new home. In the serendipitous way these things often happen, we found our way to Avery Ranch near Angels Camp, CA. Owned by a former cook for the Grateful Dead and a co-founder of High Sierra Music Festival, Avery Ranch was perfect for a growing underground extravaganza of experiences.


The musical lineup began to take shape… defined by an edgy sound, attended to by an eclectic and engaged audience with diverse musical tastes, drawn together by an epic dance floor experience. Headliners of note included Bassnectar, Shpongle, and an embryonic Glitch Mob, along with some of the first dubstep this side of the pond (Skream and Mala), as well as Ott’s first US appearance as well as one of the only performances by Hallucinogen in Dub with a LIVE band.

Unique to this experience was a push to be more environmentally-focused, and two major initiatives were created. In 2006, the first permaculture intensive was planned, creating a much more powerful communal bond than ever imagined. It was followed up by another in 2007, along with a dish-washing program that reduced waste by over 70%. Alas, after two years in the Sierra Hills, success and growth were again nipping at our heels,we had once again outgrown our home, and the search continued for the next Shangri-la.