SG05 – Cutter Scout Camp



The first Symbiosis Gathering seemingly emerged from nowhere, the product of a previously unknown crew with ambitious ideas about the power of music, art, and education to transform and inspire It happened somewhere among the redwood trees and spongy-soft terrain, taking shape around a turquoise pond, a pool, and a campground dappled with sun and shade.


While most festivals were defined by a particular style of music, Symbiosis aimed to have an entire collection of genres presented together under the California skies.The people who answered the call were colorful and vibrant. They danced at three stages, visited dozens of workshops and guest speakers, and shopped for handmade clothing and creations from community artisans.

The musical offerings were diverse in scope yet alike in quality, included locals and upcoming international acts, and featured the debut of several new producers and projects.Visual art was abundant at this first Gathering, with spontaneous installations dotting the trails and surprising live encounters from body-painting to glassblowing filling every available space.

All these things merged in a magical weekend, and somehow the end result was vastly more than the sum of its parts. A true symbiotic relationship between artists, producers and guests was created and embraced by the community. We were urged to continue.