PE12 – Pyramid Lake


Pyramid Eclipse was an experience with more facets than an Chiliagon. After over a year of permitting and many moons of planning, communing and collaborating with many different factions of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe community, we began planning for a spectacle that would culminate in an Annular Eclipse.

The production as a whole was more daunting that anything we’d ever produced. Not only was the event larger, but there was no onsite infrastructure or resources as we planned the creation of a small city for one week of celebration. Nevertheless, the appeal of a gathering centered around an natural spectacle brought together people from all over the world. Despite environmental challenges and a windstorm that threatened to cancel the festival, we were encouraged by elders and community members that ‘the show must go on’.

While the eclipse was the featured event, the lineup proved to be special once again. The Vau de Vire Society Society was a collaborator in a much more integrated manner as we attempted to emphasize performance and spectacle into the experience.

A diverse lineup of electric and eclectic music once again surprised and amazed including Claude VonStroke, Gang Gang Dance, Emancipatoralong with a trailblazer in our music scene, Cheb i Sabbah Friends and all-stars PANTyRAiD andBeats Antique whipped the crowd into a frenzy on Saturday night and on Sunday the magick culminated with aRandom Rab set into the Annular Eclipse. The eclipse was like a great breath in where over ten thousand people witnessed a moment of unity in celebrating the beauty of our galaxy..

The baton was then passed to the legend himself, Dave Tipperfor a unforgettable performance at the Sun Stage. To cap off Sunday night, James Blake and Little Dragon went back to back putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece that would hang in the annals of festival history.

Transformational is a word that gets passed around quite freely these days. Nothing is truly transformed unless its identity is destroyed and a novel one comes from the ashes. The community that was forever alchemically changed from this event was never the same again.