Natalia Price – Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Enter into an alchemical journey in the 13 Moon Mystery School linage as we explore and deepen our understanding of Inner Male and Female aspects and how they play out in our lives. Using archetypes, sacred tools, symbols and the violet Flame, we will tune into which polarity is more developed or unexpressed; and explore grounded practices to activate and balance them, embracing both their shadow and light. We will create a Sacred Union ritual within ourselves to step into full embodiment and rightful alignment of each, bringing in our highest potential of awakened Male and Female energies to serve humanity.

Rebalancing and raising the vibration of our inner masculine and feminine is a powerful means to create fulfillment within us, within our relationships and ultimately the Planet by standing as Sovereign beings in equality and right relationship with authentic Power sourced from within.

Natalia is an ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. She facilitates priestess initiate programs, women’s circles, retreats and ceremonies to support and empower women in rebalancing their divine feminine essence and stepping into remembering their innate heart wisdom and true power within through grounded priestess embodiment practices and service in the world.