NamastDave and Iemanjo

Dave Solomon and Ben Harris offer a unique fusion experience combining cacao ceremony, yoga asana, guided meditation, voice activation, live music and group singing. Cacao is an ancient heart-opening medicine from the Mayan peoples used for thousands of years. We will share a cup of delicious cacao and then activate our voices, hearts, bodies and minds with mantras, medicine songs, chakra toning, and energizing yoga flow.

Ben Harris is a singer/multi-instrumentalist, sound healer and integrative bodyworker who is interested in creating interactive healing experiences through voice activation, movement, and group singing. His frequent world travels and fluency in Spanish and Portuguese inspired his current solo musical project, Iemanjo, an uplifting fusion of South American shamanic music with electronic beats. He has led cacao ceremonies in Guatemala, Hawaii, New York and Montreal.

Dave Solomon is a native of Santa Cruz, California who has found his purpose in healing and transformational work, utilizing a fusion of modalities including yoga, tantra, reiki, meditation, breath work, Hakomi therapy, and sacred earth medicines. Dave employs western and eastern science and disciplines along with sacred healing technologies in a holistic approach designed to integrate mind, body, and spirit to facilitate awakenings and to unlock each being’s highest potential. Soundcloud