With a deep background in the electronic scene Fredrik Gilenholt & Filip Mardberg started playing around on their computer in 1995. In the years 1999 – 2000 they were apart of creating the genre Progressive Psytrance witch has led to live performances on festivals like Boom festival , Ozora festival, Universo Paralello festival and many more.

The project Ticon was born in 1999 as a natural progression towards something new. Their unique style walks the thin line between progressive trance, psy trance , electronica and techno. This gives their music a variation from the floorfilling to the hipswinging with tracks like 1987, You make me wanna drink more, Waiting for the knights, and Ether as well as collaborations and remixes with artists like Liquid Soul, Son Kite, Protonica, Vibrasphere and Atmos.

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