One of the most enduring and consistently original artists on the psychedelic trance scene, Scorb aka Ady Connor has been unleashing his distinctive brand of driving electronica for over ten years. The Scorb sound is often techy with cinematic presentation and a phat low end. You can expect tight arrangements and infectious hooks guaranteed to get your blood racing and the hairs on the back of your neck pointing skyward. With well over a hundred releases to his name, the past decade has kept Andy busy playing headline slots at many of the worlds finest festivals and events.

In addition to Scorb, Ady’s side projects include; Prism, Phibian, Orzels Machine, RAM and Squid Inc. He is co­owner of UK psychedelic label Trick Music, runs the audio mastering company TRK Mastering and also finds time to perform graphic design duties for Trick and a number of international labels and artists.

Ady is set to unleash the much anticipated third Scorb album “Aeon Conundra” at the beginning of 2017 on Trick Music, but in the meantime fans can look forward to the release of Squid Inc’s debut album “Indelible” on Trick in 2016. Facebook Soundcloud