Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is the stage name of Yuli Fershtat, an Israeli based musician, producer and DJ, born in 1970 in Moscow, Russia, moving to Israel at the age of 11 . Perfect Stranger has previously released music under guise of BLT. Perfect Stranger is well known for his own distinctive sound, characterised by groovy playful beats and patiently built compositions. His music often defies genres bridging between progressive trance and techno with a presence of tribal and psychedelic elements.

Yuli Fershtat released 8 albums so far, both as BLT and as Perfect Stranger and a long list of 12”, EPs and compilation tracks and compiled few compilations. He is also the owner of the Digital Structure label, which he bought in 2010 and have been releasing music by others and himself on since. Facebook Twitter Soundcloud YouTube