LOUD is one of the hottest and most interesting groups in the global trance scene today. Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have been producing high quality and original electronic music together since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new sound. Refusing to adhere to fashions and formulas they have been paving their own road in the world of electronic music with their own special musical say.

Their success in the last years proves that the crowd appreciates it and they have been performing in the biggest music festivals worldwide, and have played in almost every country that holds electronic dance music.

Among their international performances one should note: BOOM Festival (Portugal), Urban Art Forms (Austria), Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Earthdance (South Africa), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Matrea Festival (Australia), Glade Festival (UK), XXXperience (Brazil), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Antaris Festival (Germany), Hadra Festival (France), Time and Space (Mexico), Luminate (New Zealand).

So far the duo have released 4 studio albums (Some Kind of Creativity – 2006, Abstract – 2008, Free from Conceptual Thoughts – 2012 and No More X – 2012); A Remix album of a selection of their tracks remixed by the world’s top psytrance producers – 2011); A compilation – Private Lesson -2007); And many EPs and compilation tracks with almost every respected psytrance label out there.

LOUD also enjoy the respect of other leading musicians and producers and lately have collaborated and remixed and have been remixed by leading artists such as: Union Jack, Simon Posford (Shpongle), Bluetech, Infected Mushroom, Son Kite, Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Shulman, Prometheus, Ace Ventura, Domestic and many more.

In 2009 the group was invited by BPM College, the leading institute in Israel for sound & music production studies, to conduct an Artist Workshop. The successes of the workshop lead to an ongoing relationship with BPM. BPM is the only institute in Israel, which is recognized as an Authorized Training Center by Apple, Waves, Steinberg & Ableton!

In 2013 the group assisted BPM in the development of its excellent BPM Remixed project. The successes of this collaboration lead to additional collaborations of this sort.

Domestically, LOUD is the most sort-after electronic music group. LOUD perform on the most demanding stages in Israel, including large scale open air events, official city municipality events (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Haifa, Carmiel and much more), big student events organized by pretty much all of the countries leading Universities, Colleges & Schools.

2016 is going to be a very exciting year for LOUD as they will be releasing 2 albums. After their amazing Utube viral video that had over 1 Million hits they decided to name the album after their opening track 5 Billion stars and later in the year they will be doing Volume 2 of the Remixes as their last album was such a success.

These days the duo is touring the globe extensively, working hard in the studio on their brand new global tour and of course producing and remixing new material.