Eitan Reiter

Eitan Reiter is an extremely diverse and prolific musician and producer and a bit of a prodigy achieving success in every field he had ventured into. In the Techno/House world he’s been collaborating with Sebastian Mullaert (of Minilogue fame) and they are working now on their second album. They debut wasr eleased on Japanese boutique label Mule Musiq. His music has been endorsed by some of the most respected people in the scene and he released at Minus (Richie Hawtin’s label), Praxxiz (Dr. Motte’s label), Enemy Records (Dustin Zahn’s label) to name a few.

His collaborative trance project LOUD is one of the top 5 leading psytrance acts, touring constantly world wide and is considered the most innovative with their signature recorded live sets reaching millions of views on YouTube and more than a quarter million followers on Facebook. They have just completed their 6th album due for release later in 2016.

His Downtempo and Electronica music has been highly successful as well with a solo album and a collaborative album released on Aleph Zero Records. He is now finalizing his second solo album. His music has been licensed to major and independent film and he’s been writing music for commercials and producing local and international electronic and acoustic projects. He’s also been commissioned to a lot of remixes, among them World Music leadersBalkan Beat Box and Deathcore Metal band Suicide Silence.