The spy from Cairo

Originally born in Italy in june 21/ 1969, he left home at age 15 and followed his originally gypsy roots by living 6 years in the UK and south Spain and then relocating in the USA in 89 .Now based in New York (Brooklyn) ,the SPY FROM CAIRO ( real name Moreno Visini )mostly known as ZEB (and the PLEB ) has been a producer and a musician for well over two decades. He plays the guitar,the bass, the arabic Oud, The Turkish Saz, the Albanian Cifteli, the Sitar and programs and produces all his music. He has definitely helped shaping the New York underground dance scene for many years…

His ethnic/ dub music style has become very familiar to many people around the globe and his love for the “eclectic” has pushed him to work on many different music projects, alone and with many other musicians and DJs. His music can be found on dozens of compilations since the late 90s ( from the Buddha Bar to Quango Records and Cafe del Mar ) . He was a co-founder with partner Sasha Crnobrnja of the famous ( and now defunkt ) ORGANIC GROOVES, a regular NY party where musicians and DJ would blend into one “cosmic experience”.

He co-produced 5 albums with ORGANIC GROOVES. As Zeb he also released 3 albums with Italian Label Irma records the last of which was produced with DJ SABO ( Global Warmbeats ). He has been known for his involvement with TURNTABLES ON THE HOUDSON. Another very popular NY party involving live musicians and DJs , run by DJ NICKODEMUS. He released many tracks both on Wonderwheel Records as well as Turntables on the Houdson and worked on many remixes with DJ NICKODEMUS.

His own remixes include : Billy Holiday, Astor Piazzolla, Baba Maal, Omar Faruk,Natasha Atlas, Richard Dorfmeister, Farid Al Atrache, Quantic,Novalima and Nickodemus. He his now also part of the band Brooklyn Gypsies who’s debut album “Sin fronteras ” was released in May (2015) .

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