What do you get when the chef throws some multi-cultural, bio dynamic, hybridized harmonic fries into the melting pot? A tasty mash of the most mystic, futuristic, rub-your-tummy-dub delicacy. This is precisely the recipe of the Melbourne based collaborative duo Sun:monx. Consisting entirely of one pinch Opiuo, and one drop Austero, they power through the organic ear ways creating their own unique, melodically balanced, precisely garnished, belly satisfying, hot n chunky meal.

Having stirred, mixed, and boiled for the last 4 years, this pair has played and released musical tastings throughout the globe. Providing a garden fresh take on the visionary electronic kitchen bean cuisine scene. Their debut LP entitled “Power Salad”, combining a plethora of oven roasted, culturally significant, nutritious home grown musical ingredients. This banquet of specifically harvested down tempo offerings, was spread on the toasted world by Interchill Records in early 2012, gaining massive support from chefs far and wide. The gourmet Sun:monx feast, provides you with the most exquisite of fine dancing experiences aboard their salsa fueled taco ship. Who’s hungry?

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