Hello!! I’m Austero, and I’m from Mexico. After playing a few years with Sunmonx (collaborative project with Opiuo) around the globe and gaining enormous amounts of experience and inspiration, I started to create my own version of the music that echoes in my heart. I debuted My Austero Live at Symbiosis Eclipse 2012, a totally humbling and amazing journey into an unknown realm, solo performance. From then till now it has been an avalanche of experiences that have taken me to play as Austero on Burning Man Festivals, Eclipses around the world, Shambala Festivals, Rainbow Serpents, Opiuo and dub fx tour, USA and Mexico tours, playing in South America and Japan amongst many other things, brought me back to Symbiosis 2016. YES!!! In that time I’ve released a couple of Ep’s and a few singles as Austero on Labels like Addictech Records, Interchill Records, Undergroove Records amongst others. Both Ep’s went to #1 in the Addichtech charts, and my Remix of Monkey Marc’s – Sufi dub got a special recognition as #1 downloaded single of the year on Addictech Records too. I love playing music and I give my Heart and Soul on stage, I’ve written this Bio in first person also to try something new, a more personal approach, a one on one dialogue, like when I perform for you, a one on one experience. Truly excited to be there one more time, hope to se you all there.

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