Lee Foss

Over the last decade, DJ/producer Lee Foss has redefined the art of creating house music of intense depth and emotional power. Heavily visionary, both bright and moody, Foss’s signature sound subverts its sublimely crafted melodies and soul-infused grooves with unearthly and unnerving flashes of dissonance. Along with delivering a string of much-acclaimed solo releases on labels like Culprit and Wolf+Lamb, Foss continually absorbs himself in such critically praised side projects as Hot Natured (the house-music group he co-founded with his longtime friend and collaborator, Welsh DJ/producer Jamie Jones).

Not only a pioneer of the underground house scene, Foss has also infiltrated the pop mainstream in recent years, with Hot Natured’s 2012 single “Benediction” hitting the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart-all while joining Jones in co-owning the award-winning and groundbreaking independent dance label Hot Creations since 2008. Growing up just outside the house music mecca of Chicago, Foss found his first musical love in ’90s hip-hop and R&B, then immersed himself in the local house scene while attending college at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “All I cared about was being out and hearing music,” he says. “I just automatically felt a really deep connection to the people making house music in Chicago.”

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