PEGA5U5 is two blood brothers growing up in the foothills of Northern California who have inevitably collided to form an entity that has deep, satiated roots in both Electronic Music and Hip Hop. Mr. Rogers, an international DJ/producer, and a well known pioneer of the underground West Coast arts and music scene, has combined forces with Pharroh (formerly known as Agustus thElefant) who has built a cult following in West Coast underground hip hop culture. The meticulous care to craft their best work to date for this project comes with grace and agility from their extensive experience of a life lived alongside music.

PEGA5U5 seamlessly blends their creative talents to build a sound completely unique to them. While eclectic, they wrap smooth intelligent vocals around compositions that are polished and easily digestible while being psychedelic, slick, and groovy. They pull and bend from many genres, but always set an intention on powerful, uplifting music, that feeds the soul, tugs at the mind, and moves the body.

Mr. Rogers has already performed in 6 countries and 5 continents, as well as too many states to name in the US. Pharroh has already worked with RZA to score the Afro Samurai video game, as well as collaborated on tracks with Hip Hop giants Talib Kweli, The Grouch, Casual, Gift of Gab, and many more.

Their first album “The Flock” releases independently through Ooze System Recordings on November 1st.

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