Hedflux (Steve Young)  started deejaying in 1992, and gradually learned music production as a hobby while pursuing an academic interest in physics and mathematics. Graduating in 2004 with a PhD in quantum physics, Steve left academia and spent five years working in industry. During this time, the prospect of a life spent in service to big corporate interests inspired him to focus on music production with a much greater sense of passion and urgency, until finally leaving the corporate world in 2010 to pursue his creative ambitions full-time.

Since then Hedflux has produced a string of ground-breaking original tracks on Broken Robot Records, as well as remixes for Lot49, U&A, Liquid, Aux Technology, Surfer Rosa, Digital Structures and more. With regular performances in the UK, Europe and Asia, Hedflux has also toured Australia, New Zealand and the United States, playing at some of the most legendary underground clubs and festivals in the world.

His pioneering style and energetic performances have been warmly recieved in many different scenes within the electronic dance music community, inspiring like-minded souls to step up and develop their own interpretation of the sound. Now more comitted than ever, Hedflux continues to push the boundaries and diversify his style, forming collaborative relationships with some of the most cutting edge producers on the planet.

Steve has worked for over 7 years with leading dance music sound design companies Sample Magic and Sounds/To/Sample, producing dozens of high quality sample packs in various genres of electronic music. This has afforded him the opportunity to learn the techniques common to different styles, and integrate them into his own music.

More recently, Steve has begun sharing his knowledge through music production workshops and online tuition. Offering a unique and broad persepctive, the workshops combine powerful sound design techniques with personal development and deep philosophical insights into the nature of music within culture and the universe at large.

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