Mary Haberski – One Breath One Body

With 16 years of living and practicing the art of yoga, Mary Haberski still humbly feels that she is only just beginning to understand the wisdom of her ever-evolving yoga practice and the teachings that radiate through her. Her students range from ages 4-82, all showing up uniquely in their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. While fascinated by the human body and it’s capabilities, it is Mary’s belief that the asana practice is a mere scratching of the surface of what the practice has to offer and she is a firm believer that spiritual enlightenment is not found by standing on one’s hands nor being able to touch the toes. Being a nurturer by nature, Mary’s sweet and encouraging practice welcomes all to be enriched by her teachings.

Mary focuses on detailed alignment cues, along with loving hands-on adjustments and massage with essential oils to help you connect more deeply to the mind, body, and spirit. In class you will explore the breath, movement and meditation. Be prepared to dive into the profundity of spirituality and beauty of self-realization. You will leave class, relaxed yet energized, inspired, more connected with yourself, our soul family, nature, and the magic of our beloved festival.

When Mary is not offering the gift of yoga with adults and kids alike, you will more than likely find her in the waves surfing and sharing her ocean optimism with her ocean conservation organization Daana Blue.