Lune -Yoda Skills Yoga: Integrate your life into your awakening wisdom / Play, Love, Laugh

Lune started to practice yoga and meditation when she was 16.
Being part of Musical Theater Group in Slovakia the transformational practices to discover natural flow of being and liberating the limitations was part of the formation for young actors to share the joy and open to audience the authentic self.

Since than she is passionate about discovering and living out the deep potential that lies within all of us human beings.

Yoga teacher and International Healing Therapist since 2002.
In 2009 she starts leading classes in Lotus Yoga studio and later continues working as well in private sessions.
Past year brought up for her new exciting project SUNMOON YOGA HOLIDAYS opening up collaboration with another inspiring yoga teacher Nati Bogdalikova, leading together workshops around Europe.
Living the joy of practice and inspiring in people the path of Yoga is for them beautiful fulfilling way to reconnect to the natural state of being.