Krista Hagman – Yin Yoga ~ Embodiment of Surrender

KristaLove will guide this yin yoga ceremony to support healing the physical temple, freeing the emotional body and encourage attuning to Spirit. This practice is an offering of the heart and an exploration of the soul, to release what is old to unite who you are, with who you know you are meant to be. Allow yourself to be still, be breathed, and be an offering to what you love, to receive the alchemical effects of yin yoga and the preciousness of being present.

KristaLove has been studying yoga for nearly a decade, in addition to facilitating workshops, trainings, retreats and writing about intimacy, connection & conscious sexuality. Her background and graduate degree inform her purpose to support others to connect with themselves through creative-authentic-expression, and holistic living. She is inspired when she’s exploring nature’s wonder, expressing freedom on the dance floor, riding her bike, and cooking and sharing delicious wholesome food.

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