This year we have transformed Kidzbiosis into an underwater world of fun & inspiration! At Symbiosis we are dedicated to supporting the next generations to find their place as the leaders, dreamers, musicians & creators of tomorrow! And this year, Family Tree is all about bringing children & families together as a central part of our festival culture.

Wander into our beachside underwater-themed shady village & cool your little ones off in the play-zone under the misters, or take them for a float on the water. With dedicated workshop & play spaces packed with fun, exciting, educational & transformative activities and entertainment…they are sure to want to keep coming back to this zone especially designed just for them.

Watch them jump into a circus class, create a work of art, learn how to dj, go on a watersports adventure, catch a puppet show, join a drum circle, add their dreams to our wishing wall, party down at one of our dj parties, learn to meditate, discover survival skills, make new friends & SO much more. There’s even workshops designed just for parents. Come and join in the fun at Kidzbiosis – we’ve got the whole family covered this year, at Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree.