Jennifer Bates – Nupa (acorn) processing and cooking the old way

I will be showing the preparing and cooking process of our black oak acorns. I will have on hand acorns to crack, clean and pound, then I will cook in the basket with hot rocks as done in the old way and the old days.

I am Jennifer Bates, Central Sierra Mewuk. Mewuk basket weaver and traditionalist. Teacher of the old ways. My family on my mother’s side comes from the village of Hechenu’ on the Calaveras side of the foothills. I have generations of basket weavers and traditionalists of the old ways in my family.
I started weaving and teaching and demonstrating when I was 18 years old and I am 65 years old today. As a basket weaver I have demonstrated and given presentations and was involved with the California Indian Basketweavers Association (CIBA) and chaired the board for the first 13 years.

My passion is to share my cultural knowledge and help the people understand and know who the first people, native/indigenous people, are of California. Bringing understanding and awareness to the public. To teach that Mewuk people still exist today and continue to be keepers of traditions.