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Q) Can we swim in the reservoir?

A)Absolutely! Over 3000 acres of land and  2900 acres of reservoir amount to a venue beyond spectacular! Seemingly unending shoreline camping, 4 lakeside dance floors and stunning sunrises and sunsets make the venue itself part of the main event!

It is essential that there is NO BATHING in the Reservoir and that you USE THE RESTROOMS when reliving oneself. Help us keep the reservoir clean and safe for us and the local community!

Q)What do I need to know about getting to Symbiosis?
A) Take highway 120 to 26-Mile Road to Gilbert Road to 28-Mile Road, continuing on 28-mile road in order to arrive at the main festival entrance. Please look for signage directing you to Symbiosis!

Q)I need ADA camping. How do I ensure this?
A)Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will fill you in on details!

Q)When does the box office open?
A)Box office will be open from 3pm until 3am Wednesday September 21 – and from 9am to 3am every day until 6pm on Sunday September 25.

Q)When do gates open?
A)Gates will be open for Early Entry at 3pm Wednesday September 21. All other Experience Passes will allow for entry at 10am on Thursday September 22. While gates may be open, parking during late night shifts will be subject to available personnel and being able to safely land you to your parking space.

Q)Are there any rules pertaining to minors?
A)All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian

Do children need to pay for an Experience Pass?
Children under 12 are free. Please bring valid identification if your child looks close to 12.

Q)Is glass allowed onsite?
Symbiosis will be instituting a STRICT NO GLASS policy. Please transfer such liquids into plastic containers and leave your glass at home! D
ealing with glass greatly strains our waste management resources and prevents us from providing the greenest festival possible

Q)Are bikes allowed?
A)YES! Bikes are encouraged as camping may be a mile from the entrance to the festival area.

Will there be ice available for purchase?
Yes there will be an ice vendor in the campground.

Q)Is there an ATM onsite?

Q)When is Early Entry
A)Early Entry begins at 3pm on Wednesday September 21.

Q)Does each person need an Early Entry Pass or does one count for the whole car?
A)Each person needs an Early Entry Pass

Q)Does each person need a Car Camping Pass for car camping?
A)One Car Camping pass per vehicle is required.

Q)Has the schedule been released?
A)The schedule will be released about two weeks before the Gathering.

Q)When will my Experience Pass Arrive
A)WRISTBANDS will be sent during the middle of August. All international orders will be held at will call.

Q)When does everything get started?
A)Opening ceremony is around 3pm on Thursday the 22nd, and the event continues until Sunday night. We kindly ask you to leave by noon on Monday!

Q)How far is the camping from the festival attractions?
A) Walk in camping is as close as the border of the entrance to the festival, and as far ½ of a mile.Car camping is a few hundred yards away from the festival, or up to a mile away.

Q)Can I camp with my friends?
A)Camping together happens when you walk in camp or if you ARRIVE TOGETHER for car camping. There is no saving of spots or choosing where to camp. Car camping is first come first serve.

Q)Will I have access to my car during the event?
A)You will have access to your car for the duration of the event.

Q)Do I need to bring food and water?
A)Always a good idea to bring your own water! There is water on site and drinks for sale, and we have 19-22 food vendors with serious deliciousness available.

Q)Can I bring alcohol?
A)Yes but we ask that you leave all glass containers at your campsite. Bring plastic containers for transferring beverages before entering the festival area.

Q)Can we swim in the lake?
A)Oh definitely! The lake will be open for swimming between 7AM and 7Pm within the festival area.

Q)Will boating be allowed?
A)Not within the festival grounds. Anything with propulsion including a paddle is considered a boat. Floaties only unless approved by Symbiosis through the art boat program.

Q)Is there cell phone coverage at the event? What about WIFI?
A)There is no free or public WIFI, but we do have cell coverage by Verizon and AT&T.

Q)Can I fire spin, barbecue, and have campfires?
A)Open flames are not allowed at the Reservoir.

Q)Can I bring my pets?
A)No pets are allowed. Any vehicles with pets will be turned away at the gate.

Q)Can I bring a generator? What about a soundsystem.
A)Sound systems are NOT ALLOWED! Generators under 2000 watts will be allowed in the car camping area. Repeat offenders will be ejected from the venue.

Q)Are there in’s and out’s available?
A)There are no in’s and out’s, please come prepared!

Q)Is there a VIP area?
A)Everyone is a VIP!

If this didn’t cover it you may contact us at [email protected]