Eric Vadala – Poi Workshop

In this workshop we will cover concepts focused on getting you to think outside the box and push your limits. We will establish and develop new levels of awareness all while being creative and having a great time. Concepts and movements will be taught to help you break out what you already know and to help you learn something new. As we connect the dots concepts like fishtails, under the leg, elbow bit catches, and tosses will be explained and broken down in a easy to follow playful manner.

Eric first began practicing flow arts about 10 years ago. He felt the change it brought about his being and a new found presence that brought him into peace. He began to apply a state of meditation to flow arts as well as other aspects of his life. Flow arts became a passion and driving force for Eric. Through object manipulation we learn how to “flow”. Once we tap into this “state of flow” anything is possible, once we learn to flow through life we can overcome any obstacles. With a background in dance, flow arts, and circus arts he has taught and performed all over California. He has also been one of the creators and organizers for the event Universal Flow Gathering.  FacebookInstagram