Elemental Altars

Elemental Altars:

At the heart of Symbiosis lie the Elemental Altars, an expansive circle within which we gather to celebrate and honor the sacred elements that give form and sustenance to our lives.

These spaces have been created in recognition of the Elementals as holy beings themselves, beyond religion or dogma, as a place for people of all lineages and traditions to feel welcome to celebrate these foundations of life.

We are deeply honored and grateful to be welcomed onto this land of the Central Sierra Mewuk people and humbly acknowledge that wherever we are on this continent, we are standing on unceded Native land. It is the intention for these Altars to be a place of honoring of all lineages and ancestries, where we can truly embody the emerging culture of respect and celebration.

We recognize the immense gift and privilege of being able to attend a gathering like Symbiosis. The highly participatory, interactive offerings here at the Altars are intended to create openings onto pathways that can be integrated into our lives beyond the festival, transforming all that we receive here into a life that gives back, in service to a story larger than our own.

Elders and Wisdom Keepers:

The Elemental Altars have been built as a home for Elders and Wisdom Keepers of diverse traditions within Symbiosis. As festival culture continues to be a place for deepening education and spiritual learning for so many people, this opportunity to connect directly with lineage holders is such a unique treasure. It is our sincere intention that by creating a place for these teachings to be fully honored and received, our cultural understanding will continue to evolve and refine into true admiration and reverence, cultivating a new generation of dedicated, informed allies to the Earth and her Peoples.

We are especially grateful to Jennifer and Carson Bates for welcoming us onto the land of her people, the Central Sierra Mewuk.